key "template" not known in dictionary while executing "dict get $::rivetweb::templates_db $template_key template" (procedure "::rivetweb::template" line 2) invoked from within "::rivetweb::template $template_key" (in namespace eval "::rivetweb" script line 57) invoked from within "namespace eval ::rivetweb { # let's load the environment into array ::request::env ::rivet::load_env env ::rivet::apache_log_error debu..." (file "/home/mxm/rivetweb/tcl/before.tcl" line 14) invoked from within "source [file join $rweb_root tcl before.tcl]"


source [file join $rweb_root tcl before.tcl] namespace eval request { puts -nonewline "" # -- index.rvt # # This template is actually just a basic handler of a request. It select # code execution for the template. It should evolve to handle dynamic page # generation, but for the time present it's just able to run rivetweb # scripts like download.tcl (binary file download) # # first of all we test the parameter rwinfo. if {[var exists rwinfo]} { load_env env parray_table env parse [file join $::rivetweb::scripts rivetweb_inspector.rvt] } elseif {[var exists function]} { set fun [var get function] if {[catch {eval source [file join $::rivetweb::scripts $fun]} e]} { puts $e } } else { apache_log_error info "parsing $::rivetweb::running_template (pwd: [pwd])" parse $::rivetweb::running_template } puts -nonewline " " }