Rivetweb is a minimum requirements, lightweight, fully customizable and extensible framework to script templated based websites. The only required software packages you need are Apache Rivet (which in turn runs with the Apache HTTP Webserver ), the Tcl programming language with its OO extension Itcl and (in the current implementation) also tdom , the XML and DOM manipulator package for the Tcl programming language. Some efforts are under way in order to rewrite Rivetweb with the TclOO native object system. At the Rivetweb examples page you may read an (incomplete) list of working web sites based on Rivetweb

Rivetweb internal machinery and organizazion is entirely developed in Tcl.

Rivetweb design

Most of the framework components are encapsulated in a very simple pattern of collaborating classes and therefore they can be extended or replaced by other classes providing the same interface.

Rivetweb can handle multilingual content, produces output based on multiple templates and cooperates with mod_rewrite to provide uniform URI schemes for your application.